Sunday, May 24, 2009

Sermon On The Mount Saturday at the San Juan Capistrano Train Station

On Saturday, May 23, 2009, I was joined by my wife and kids and Pat, Ron, and Duff from SCCA. I read the sermon on the mount and then preached the gospel. Pastor Duff then sang several songs while we passed out tracts and witnessed to those who just heard the preaching. It was a glorious morning and one young man told me he was going to repent and pray to God that day to forgive him of his sins and to receive Jesus as his Lord and Saviour! Glory to God!!
Below are some video clips of the reading, preaching, and singing. The first clip contains the reading, the second finishes the reading and contains the preaching. The third clip contains Duff singing.
I will be going down to the SJC train station regularily every Sunday after SCCA's service if you would like to join me. Just show up, or email me at if you need directions or have any questions.


Karl C said...

Hey bro,

I just watched the three videos and want to be the first to tell you... that was phenomenal!
Your voice went out so strong and clear. The Lord has obviously gifted you to preach the gospel and the clarity of your preach-ing demonstrated that.

There's one other thing I noticed that I have to mention. When you were presenting the Law and in your transition to the gospel, I was so blessed to hear the love in your voice. At no time during your preaching did you seem harsh for harshness sake and I think that is really important. You presented a hard truth... in love.

Bro, I really blessed and impressed by these videos.I can't wait to open air preach with you in the future. God bless.

Jeff said...

Thank you very much Karl, I really appreciate that bro and I can't wait to preach with you too (I wish we could OA at the Spectrum!!).

See ya tomorrow afternoon.


Paul Latour said...

I'm with Karl on the kuddos. What a blessing! Hey, I can even pick up that Maritimer/Ottawa accent you got there! Good going, Jeff.

Unknown said...

Great job ! Keep it up - that really puts some gas in MY tank, I tell you !