Thursday, March 18, 2010

Prisoner Alert!

I just read over at my friend Tony Miano's blog, The Lawman Chronicles, that a dear brother in Christ, Shawn Holes, is currently sitting in a jail cell in Glascow, Scotland for preaching the truth about the sin of homosexuality.

Click here to read the article and please pray for brother in Christ, Shawn Holes.

(03/19/20 8am) Here is an update from Jeremiah Cry Ministries via Jon Speed:
We were preaching today on the streets and experiencing much adversity from police. We were warned not to preach against homosexuality, and if we did we could get arrested. Brother Shawn Holes was preaching when a group of young people began to shout questions at him. One question that they insisted on getting an answer was the issue of homosexuality. Shawn told them it was a sin against God, and that he loved them, and this is why he was telling them the truth, After he stepped down from preaching he was arrested and taken into custody. He will be in jail until tomorrow. He will stand before the judge tomorrow, and see what will come of this. Apparently this may be the first time this crime has been brought before a judge in this specific manner. We went back out to the street and began to preach again!!! We will not stop; may the Lord be glorified.

Swallows To Catch Fish

This Saturday (03/20), LoveTheLost team member Dave S. will be leading an evangelism team to the Swallow's Day Parade in San Juan Capistrano. The team will be meeting in the parking lot at SCCA at 8:30 am and will walk to the parade site from there. Come join us and help preach the gospel to every creature! Click here to read about last year's parade.