Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Irvine Spectrum - 01/12/09

Last night was another great night of witnessing at the Irvine Spectrum. We had a large group last night and I was paired up with Kevin and Paul.

The first one-to-one conversation we had was with an agnostic named Matthew. He believed there was "something" out there after death but didn't believe in "the dualism of heaven and hell". He believed there was some sort of supreme being out there but didn't know if the God of the bible is the true God. We were able to reason with him that the bible is divinely inspired by looking at the internal evidence, prophecy, and experiential evidence. From there we shared the law with him by taking him through the ten commandments. When he recognized that Hell would be a reasonable destination for lawbreakers, we shared the glorious gospel with him and explained how Jesus' suffering and death on the cross was a legal transaction whereby his fine was paid in Jesus' blood.

The next encounter was with a man named Armando and his wife. He had never even heard the name of Jesus. At first I thought he was kidding around but soon came to find out that he was 100% serious!! So, we shared the law and the gospel with him and his wife and left him with a New Testament and a million dollar bill tract.

The last encounter of the evening with with a couple of born again believers. This was a really encouraging conversation and, although our viewpoints on eschatology were different (they brought it up, not us!!), we were on the same page on everything else. What an encouragement they were to us last night!!

OK, now here's an invitation and challenge - if you are subscribed to this blog and want to join me, we meet at Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa every Monday afternoon at 4pm for an hour of prayer and instruction. We then drive over to the Irvine Spectrum and split up into groups of 2 and go out witnessing between 5:30 and 7pm. If you ever want to come along to witness, pray, or just come see what we're up to, just email me at Jeff@LoveTheLost.org.