Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Westminster Mall

Last night I joined the team from Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa and went witnessing at Westminster Mall. Michael and I were able to pass out lots of gospel tracts to the people scurrying about looking for last minute deals. Several even stopped long enough to have some great conversations with us. One man in particular had his eyes opened to the truth of the gospel and promised to not go to bed that night without getting right with the Lord. I have no idea if he was truly sincere but trust that the Lord will use the seeds that were planted.

While I was almost finished sharing the gospel with a group of four young men, Michael looked into the store window that we were standing in front of and exclaimed "Guys, look at that painting behind you". There, in the store, was a painting of the three crosses on Calvary. Michael then told them that this was not a chance encounter and began to share the incredible gift of salvation that was laid before them. Those young men left the mall last night with tracts, bibles, and a memory that will not fade any time soon! Please pray that God will use the seeds planted last night to bring these young men to repentance and faith.

Another team reported that they walked up to a man reading a book and started to witness to him. The man told them that he had been given a copy of Mark Cahill's One Heartbeat Away by one of the other team members and he was deep in thought reading the book!

Glory to God for the work He was doing last night at Westminster mall!!

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