Monday, December 8, 2008

Crash Course

The crash course that was held at SCCA on Saturday was a success! 22 people attended the class and most everybody also joined us for the Mission at the Mission where we handed out tracts, books, bibles, and invitations to SCCA's Christmas musical. Many have also reported that they engaged in one-to-one conversations! Way to go SCCA!!

I was paired up with Rich Norman and he had the boldness of a lion and approached a young couple standing in line waiting to take their kids on a train ride. They told us they attend the LDS church. We didn't get into a theological debate with them but left them with a copy of The Case For Christmas and a gospel tract. We also had a great conversation with a group of teens. We took them through the law and were able to show them that they stand guilty before God. We then explained to them that Jesus paid the price and that the way to receive eternal life is to repent and put their trust in Jesus alone for salvation. By the time we wrapped up the conversation, we had 10-15 teens standing around listening to the gospel!! Hallelujah!!

Next week I am going to start a weekly outreach where we will meet in the SCCA prayer room after the second service (~12:30am) where we will pray and then go down to the train station in San Juan Capistrano (by Sarducci's) to witness for an hour. If you would like to join us then just come over to the prayer room after second service and come along! Even if you would like to come along to watch and pray, please join us!

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Brent Clark said...

Thank you Jeff!! and thank you Tracy!! God is useing you to train soldiers for Christ. This was a great session. Hope there is more to come.

In His Service-Brent