Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Irvine Spectrum - 12/08/08

Last night was another great night of witnessing at the Irvine Spectrum. Although there were very few people out last night, and many didn't want to talk with us, we were still able to share the gospel with several people. After sharing the gospel with one group of young men, two security guards approached us and told us that we were OK to be there sharing our faith but that if anybody complained they would ask us to leave. We assured them that we were not there to cause problems and that we pass by those who do not wish to talk with us. They wished us well and sent us on our way to continue talking with people.

The last conversation of the evening was a blessing! Norman approached two older gentlemen and when he asked them what they think happens when somebody dies, one of the men lifted his arms and said "I love this question!! Hallalujah!!". We then had a very encouraging conversation with a fellow brother in the Lord who is ON FIRE for Jesus. It was very encouraging, and lifted our spirits after a bit of a difficult night of witnessing. Thank you Lord for allowing us to finish the evening with such a great conversation!

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