Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Mission Good Friday (from

The following is a post from Tony Miano's blog, entitled "Mission Good Friday". I am going to take him up on the challenge this Friday afternoon. If you would like to join me (the support would be greatly appreciated), just let me know by email - - and we'll work out a time and place to meet.

Here's the post:

Mission Good Friday

The mission is simple and can be accomplished anywhere.

This is a call to all Christians everywhere, whether or not you are a street evangelist.

Find a public place--preferably a place where people gather (the size of the crowd matters not). Climb atop a box. Open your Bible. And read Matthew 26-28 (that's right: all of it) aloud, using the voice the Good Lord gave you.

If you have never open-air preached, and you don't think you are ready to do so, then simply read the text with love in your heart--love for God and love for lost people. The Scriptures can speak for themselves. The Word of God is true, powerful, and entirely sufficient.

Open-air preachers: Read Matthew 26-28 as your springboard for heralding the Law and the Gospel.

Join me in bringing Good Friday to the people who likely will not darken the door of your church.

Think of it. Men and women around the world, in large cities and small towns, reading the Gospel to the lost.

Who's with me?!

Please share your "Mission Good Friday" testimonies, here, by leaving comments on this post.

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