Friday, April 24, 2009

El Camino College 04/23/09

Yesterday I took the afternoon off work and headed over to El Camino College to join Pastor Steve Sanchez and his team from Hope Chapel Hermosa Beach for a couple hours of college campus evangelism. I spoke with a couple of young guys who were very open to the gospel, a professing believer who doesn't agree with sharing your faith, a young man with a tender heart and conscience, a professing believer who couldn't tell me how to get to heaven, and a couple of possible gang members (one guy came up behind his friend while I was talking to him, put his finger to his friends head and yelled, "BAM... I could have killed you if that was a gun!!").

I have audio for all these conversations, but I want to share just one. Normally I will just approach somebody, hand them a gospel tract and ask them the million dollar question, "If you died today would you go to heaven?". As you can see in the photo above, Pastor Steve sets up several flip-charts with the Intelligence Test, which is a fun way to initiate a conversation and swing it to the spiritual. I have never used the intelligence test since I am very comfortable just approaching somebody and asking them where they would go if they died. But yesterday I decided to try something new and take somebody through the intelligence test. What did I learn from this experience? 1) The intelligence test does not work very well if there is a slight language barrier. 2) "Do you consider yourself to be a good person?" is a great question to get back on track when the intelligence test fails miserably. 3) God is AMAZING and uses us despite our weakness. 4) God is AMAZING! Did I say that one already? WELL HE IS!! Here's the audio clip:

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Pastor Steve Sanchez said...

It was great having youy there. You are an excellent student and all that go with you on your outings will be blessed. Great job at El Camino!

Keep fishing!

Timothy Bayer said...

What an exciting encounter Jeff. I hope that he gets in touch with you especially since he seemed so drawn to the things of God.

Paul Latour said...

Good clip, Jeff. Great job!


1)Are you a radio talkshow personality or something? You sure have the voice for it.

2) Are you sure its safe to hang around people like Steve Sanchez? I heard he's known as "The Pusher" in your part of the country. :)

Jeff said...

1) Naah, just a lowly computer programmer.
2) I don't think anything about "The Pusher" is safe! :-)

Karl Corcoran said...

Jeff, this was a great conversation! You delivered the truth of the gospel in an uncompromising and clear way but with such love. God is using you mightily my friend!


Jeff said...

Thanks bro. Glory to God!!