Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Westminster Mall - 02/09/09

Last night was wet and cold so the team went to Westminster Mall so that we could witness where it was warm and dry. I was teamed up with John last night and we were able to hand out lots of tracts to those passing by. However, we were having a bit of a hard time getting conversations started... everybody seemed to be in a hurry to get their shopping done. Finally we approached a young couple who were happy to hang around and talk with us. They had never really given much thought to eternity but thought there must be something out there after we die. The young girl said that maybe good people go to a "good place" and bad people come back to try it again. We explained that the bible teaches that there is a heaven and a hell and that the standard for entering heaven is God's moral law - the ten commandments. We took the couple through the "Good Person" test during which they admitted that they had broken God's law and would stand before him guilty on judgment day. We agreed that Hell would be reasonable for lawbreakers. Then we shared the glorious gospel with them and explained that Jesus' death was a legal transaction where Jesus was paying their "fine" so that God's wrath would be satisfied. We left them with gospel tracts and new testament bibles. Please pray for this young couple that the Holy Spirit would bring our conversation to remembrance and draw them to Himself.

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