Monday, February 2, 2009

Please Pray

Please pray for the team going to the Irvine Spectrum tonight. Pray for boldness and protection. Pray for those who will hear the gospel. Also pray that God prepares the hearts of those who we will encounter tonight. Pray that the Holy Spirit will bring conviction of sins and grant people repentance and faith in Jesus. Pray that the team will be willing instruments in God's hand and that "the flesh" does not take over in the form of pride. Pray that God will keep the security guards from standing in the way of the gospel and also pray for the team to be sensitive to the mall rules. Pray that the Holy Spirit will come upon people in such a powerful way that they are powerless to stand against the call of the gospel. Pray that their eyes will be opened to the incredible gift that is laid before them. Pray that the bonds of sin will be cast off and that no sin would be so powerful as to hold somebody back from repenting and trusting in Christ. Pray that God would raise up more laborers for the harvest. The fields are white!

Thanks brothers and sisters in Christ!

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