Wednesday, September 2, 2009

A Preacher Is Born

This past Sunday afternoon at the San Juan Capistrano train station was an afternoon of firsts.
It was the first time out for my newly built "Are You Ready" cross.
It was the first time I had witnessed to somebody who is intoxicated.
But, the biggest first by far was when Dave broke the sound barrier and stepped up onto the box and preached for the first time!!
The day before, at the Huntington Beach Pier, I challenged Dave to write out a gospel message on a sheet of paper and simply read it aloud at the train station. He took me up on my challenge and preached a beautiful gospel message. It was an honor to be there for this first! Dave, job well done my brother!

We will be back at the San Juan Capistrano station again this Sunday from 12pm-1pm so come join us if you are able. I know you will be blessed!

Here's the video of Dave's open air gospel message:

Click here if you don't see the embedded video.


Unknown said...

Awesome !!! Thanks for sharing - very inspirational...

Paul Latour said...

YAY for Dave! Praise the Lord! Well done! I liked his last question: "Did you get a ticket to Heaven?" :)

Can't go without mentioning how good it is to see the cross there, as well. Nice job.