Monday, August 31, 2009

Huntington Beach Pier

This Saturday we went down to the Huntington Beach Pier to pass out gospel tracts and witness to the lost. There were 60+ fellow evangelists there who were participating in the Ambassador's Academy. The air was electric as many from the academy were preaching the gospel in the open air. Those who weren't preaching were either passing out gospel tracts, witnessing 1to1 or encouraging those who were preaching. It was impossible to make it from the street to the pier without getting a gospel tract offered to you!!
I spoke with several of the academy participants and they all agreed that the academy was the experience of a lifetime -- and that was after the previous days challenges on Hollywood Blvd. battling the intense heat, hecklers, angry pornographers, security, and police! If you want to turbo-charge your zeal for the lost, I highly recommend attending an upcoming academy (the next one will be in April '10).